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In today's world we have religions who trust their god so little that they feel it is necessary to kill you if you don't agree with them. Those not given to murder may shun, disrespect and even hate you if you don't agree with them. Any atheist can do that. In fact many do. This is not the stuff of Christianity.

But it contributes to the skepticism. It gives rise to the age old questions: "Is God alive?" "Is God dead?" "Where is God?" "Is God real?" "Does God exist?" "Is there a God?" The more committed skeptic asserts, "There is no God."

If God is alive He is perfectly capable of making Himself clear to us. If God is dead, if God is not real, if God does not exist, then religion must trick, scare, intimidate, or otherwise pressure us to believe He is. If those who claim to believe, in fact have no faith in God, but want you to conform to their religion, it stands to reason that they will attempt to pressure you to believe. The Bible quotes God as saying, "You shall seek me, and find me, when you search for me with all your heart." Those who have faith in God trust that if the quest for God is promoted, the search for God will be successful.

For those who do believe, "Is God Alive" has an "online church" tucked away inside. This is a place believers can meet and chat real time.

OK, we will cut to the chase. This site has a purpose and an agenda. Its mission is to promote your quest for God.

If God does not exist, if God is dead, this site will be little more then the sometimes mindless, sometimes intellectual entertainment which will hardly differ from the hours frittered away playing video games and soaking up Hollywood's drivel. Most all of us have enjoyed both from time to time.

If God exists, if God is alive, then seeking to know him would be the greatest aspiration in life. The major religions of the world agree that if you seek for God he will reveal himself to you.

This purpose of this site is not tell you which religion is right or whether God even exists. Again, its sole purpose is to encourage you to seek him. To search for the truth for yourself.

The premise is, if God is God, and if God is alive, he will reveal the truth to all of those who honestly seek. We will find God. If the only source of truth is the guy who first or best wowed you with his silver tongue, then your faith will be in the first or slickest religion to cross your path, not in God.

Some fear this is putting too much faith in God. Trusting him too much to guide the seeker correctly. Some feel if they don't insure that you choose "their way" then your honest quest for God may take a wrong turn. Simply put, they don't feel God can be trusted to answer your quest for him. If that is true, there is no God.

This website presumes that if God loves you and you seek for him, he will guide you into all truth. Therefore, the encouragement to you to seek God. If you want personal counseling our online church, the meeting place for believers, is a great way to have your questions answered in a real time chat.

It has been said, "You should never discuss religion."

If by religion you include God, I could not disagree more.

Religion, unless it is just a collection of superstitions, misconceptions or lies is the most important subject in life. If the claims of religions in general are true, religion transcends everything we hold important in this life.

Anything so important merits the most of our time, focus, study and discussion.

But the world is full of religions that disagree with each other. Either all are wrong or one is right. It is impossible that all can be different, denying the veracity of the others and yet all be right. Maybe religions are man's corrupt manipulation of simple faith.

Is that why religions seem to be such dividers and igniters of animosity rather then promoters of the love that those same religions paradoxically teach is the primary attribute of God?

Even so, faith itself, even faith in fairy tales, has been shown to be medically beneficial. That is another subject, but it does indicate that there may be a great deal of medicinal and psychological good in several opposing religions.

However the scope of this website is not conjecture. This site is not a platform to promote any given "faith." This site will seek to focus on facts about God. The primary scope will be discussion regarding the existence of God.

That having been said, for those who do believe, an online church can be accessed. This real time chat enables you to discuss what you believe with other believers. For those wishing more personal counseling online IsGodAlive church is a great resource.

This site includes online chat, interactive discussion forums, user submission capabilities and selected user submissions which conform to the website scope as outlined above.

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